Here are our most recent Sunday preaches and link to our preaching series during the previous twelve months. Older talks are available from our media page.

02. Building Together. The Cheerful Giver. (download)
God loves a cheerful giver …… because God is THE cheerful giver! Sowing - God’s word; Godly thoughts; faith filled prayers; a Godly life; good works; the gospel and OUR FINANCES. We all have seeds; the message of God’s Kingdom; to scatter. We need to get out and sow the seed. You can sow where no one else can. The more we sow the more we will reap, don’t be give up. Our mission: “To share God’s Grace in Action with all people for all of life” God has given us seeds of grace. God loves a cheerful giver.
Steve Petch, 06/05/2018
01. Building Together. Investing Everything. (download)
God wants us to be fruitful in number. To grow we need a building. A great building is the key to our mission, it will unlock mission to the lost people of Woking and beyond! Giving of our finances is the reflection of our spiritual health. We need to invest everything that God has given us - God gives us resources, and we must use them wisely on his behalf. “It doesn’t matter how much God has given you, but it matters eternally what you do with it.”
Steve Petch, 29/04/2018
14. Belong. Believe. Become. FAITH IN ACTION - Jesus & Peter walk on the water! (download)
Faith is not a passive word. Faith in Jesus leads to action. What action of faith is Jesus calling you to today - The call to FOLLOW HIM, SHARE HIM, to SACRIFICE, to GENEROSITY? What is holding you back? Do what he is calling you to do.
David Everitt, 22/04/2018
13. Belong. Believe. Become. Jesus as a friend. (download)
Steve Petch, 15/04/2018
12. Belong. Believe. Become. The Faith to Believe. (download)
Steve Petch, 08/04/2018
11. Belong. Believe. Become. Resurrection Power. (download)
Christopher Hawes, 01/04/2018


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