A Future and A HopeA Future & a Hope

The preaching series through the Autumn of 2017


12 A Future and a Hope. A Personal Calling (download)
Steve concluds the current series with the encouragement that 'We have good reason to be excited about the future'. Listen why?
Steve Petch, 14/01/2018
11 A future and a Hope - An Ongoing Presence (download)
"Never will I leave you Never will I forsake you". Steve reminds us that this is God's most repeated promise!
Steve Petch, 07/01/2018
10 A Future and a Hope - A Saviour King (download)
What is Jesus like and what does this mean for our lives? He is wonderful Counsellor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace says Steve.
Steve Petch, 10/12/2017
09 A Future and a Hope - A Future Return (download)
Steve asks the question ' How do you feel about the idea of Jesus coming back?' and how should we live in the light of it!
Steve Petch, 03/12/2017
08 A Future and a Hope - A Glorious Church (download)
David uses a Rock, some Keys and a Bride beautifully dressed to provide images of A Glorious Church
David Maskell, 26/11/2017
07 A Future and a Hope - A Perfect Father (download)
What sort of Father did you have as you grew up? asks Steve reminding us that we all have an Amazing Heavenly Father!
Steve Petch, 19/11/2017
06 A Future and a Hope - A Future Glory (download)
Do you know the Trajectory of your life? Dean reminds us that God does!
Dean Guy, 12/11/2017
05 A Future and a Hope - A Good Provider (download)
Dub reminds us how good a Provider is our God!!
Dub Everitt, 05/11/2017
04 A Future and a Hope - A Heavenly Home (download)
Steve asks "What do you believe Heaven is Like?" as part of our 'A Hope and A Future' preaching series.
Steve Petch, 29/10/2017
03 A Future and a Hope - A Life Empowered (download)
If you are a christian God wants to empower you with the Holy Spirit in order that you can fulfill his purposes. Are you living in joy and using the gifts God has given you? Be empowered
Steve Petch, 22/10/2017
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