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During the summer of 2016, an olympics year,  we have a preaching series with connections to the Olympic summer sporting events.

Through the series, which are all family friendly, you wil be encouraged to stand firm, to withstand and overcome hinderances - in other words to become Faster, Higher, Stronger.


Faster, Higher, Stronger' 06 Deep enough for swimming? (download)
Malcolm concludes our summer series with a swimming lesson - Are you swimming in the river of Blessing?
Malcolm Kayes, 04/09/2016
Faster, Higher, Stronger 05 - Wrestling (download)
Dean reminds us that the devil is trying to take your ball, and spoil your game - Know your enemy, Know Yourself and hang on for your Blessing
Dean Guy, 21/08/2016
Faster, Higher Stronger - Wrestling (download)
Dean continues our Olympic series on wrestling.
Dean Guy, 21/08/2016
Faster, Higher, Stronger, 04 Get to Grips (download)
Ben encourages to train, get stuck in and persevere in order to win the greatest reward
Ben Martin, 14/08/2016
Faster, Higher, Stronger' 03-A Gentle Wind (download)
Malcolm encourages us to listen to good advice and don't simply follow the crowd!
Malcolm Kayes, 07/08/2016
Faster, Higher, Stronger' 02 Stand your Ground (download)
James encourages us to Stand our Ground when under attack as part of our Summer preaching series
James Mellor, 31/07/2016
Faster, Higher, Stronger' 01-Under Attack (download)
Tony introduces our summer series 'Faster, Higher, Stronger' encouraging us when we are 'Under Attack'
Tony Butterick, 24/07/2016
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