When you pray.. 

During the first half of 2016 we will be studying the book of Luke particulary looking at Lukes accounts of the many Prayer contexts and Incidents associated with Jesus and the early church.

Through the series you cannot but be helped and encouraged about the Importance and the Place of Prayer in our lives today.


When you pray - 22 Maltese kindness (download)
Malcolm finishes our series on 'When you pray', teaching us of when Paul prayed through the storm.
Malcolm Kayes, 17/07/2016
When you pray - 21 Feeding the 5,000 (download)
Open Air Meeting at Woking High Scool
Dean Guy, 10/07/2016
When you pray - 20 For Unbelievers (download)
Malcolm encourages us to make ourselves available and pray for ALL
Malcolm Kayes, 03/07/2016
When you pray - 19 Prayers of praise (download)
Malcolm preaches on giving God praise even through difficult times.
Malcolm Kayes, 19/06/2016
When you pray - 18 Commissioning prayer (download)
Dub preaches from Acts when Paul and Barnabas were commissioned by God and how we can be commissioned similarly.
Dub Everitt, 12/06/2016
When you pray - 17 Effective Prayer (download)
Peter escaped from prison through the power of effective prayer. Malcolm encourages us to do the same in our life today.
Malcolm Kayes, 05/06/2016
When you pray - 16 A gentiles prayer (download)
Ben Martin, 29/05/2016
When you pray - 15 Life giving prayer (download)
How ordinary believers can affect communities through praying for the sick and needy.
Malcolm Kayes, 22/05/2016
When you pray - 14 Prayer for The Holy Spirit (download)
Malcolm continues our 'When you pray series' on praying for The Holy Spirit and how that affects our lives.
Malcolm Kayes, 15/05/2016
when you pray - 13 Persecuted Prayers (download)
Nnamdi teaches us how the early church prayed through times of persecution.
Nnamdi Anyaegbunam, 08/05/2016
When you pray - 12 The Power to Heal (download)
Dub encourages us to use the power of prayer to pray for healing
Dub Everitt, 01/05/2016
When you pray - 11 Devoted to prayer (download)
Malcolm continues our series on When You Pray encouraging and teaching us to have devoted prayer lives.
Malcolm Kayes, 24/04/2016
When you pray - 10 Why Wait? (download)
James reminds us of the importance of waiting on God in our daily prayer lives.
James Mellor, 17/04/2016
When you pray - 09 On the Cross (download)
Christopher preaches on Jesus' prayers from the cross and how they are applicable in our lives today.
Christopher Hawes, 03/04/2016
When you pray - 08 Under pressure (download)
Malcolm challenges us: Does pressure squeeze you to pray or does it squeeze prayer out of your life?
Malcolm Kayes, 20/03/2016
When you pray - 07 Praying for others (download)
Tony encourages us in our prayer for one another
Tony Butterick, 06/03/2016
When you pray - 06 Kingdom Prayers (download)
Malcolm preaches on praying Kingdom prayers with persistence and reminds us we don't come to an unjust judge but a loving father.
Malcolm Kayes, 21/02/2016
When you pray - 05 How to Pray and Ask (download)
Nathan use the Lord's Prayer as THE structure to pray and ask!
Nathan Silvester, 07/02/2016
When you pray - 04 Transformation (download)
James continues from our series on what happens when you pray, teaches us the transformation that prayer can bring.
James Mellor, 24/01/2016
When you pray - 03 Guidance (download)
Malcolm reminds us of how, when Jesus prayed, he took time out or fasted to deepen his prayer.
Malcolm Kayes, 17/01/2016
When you pray - 02 Personal Discipleship (download)
Malcolm encourages all of us to follow Jesus example - not only his in his wilingness and commitment to pray but also his personal time to pray. In the business of our lives find time to pray first and foremost and the business will be sorted!
Malcolm Kayes, 10/01/2016
When you pray - 01 And as he was praying... (download)
Malcolm introduces the preaching series 'When you pray..' highlighting the importance of prayer in our lives today and how this will be a key element of the Coign Church's programme for 2016
Malcolm Kayes, 03/01/2016
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