Woking Money Advice Centre

  • Are you spending more than you earn?
  • Are you struggling to pay bills?
  • Are you under pressure from creditors?

If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then Woking Money Advice Centre is here to help you. However large or small your money troubles, if they are of concern to you then we want to help. You will be assured of a sympathetic ear and a confidential response. Woking Money Advice Centre does not charge for its services.

We believe that God loves all people and wants them to know his love. Jesus showed us that He has a special concern for those in need, regardless of what faith or lack of faith a person may have. We believe that he wants us to demonstrate that concern in practical ways.

Woking Money Advice Centre is run by The Coign Church in Woking.

If you would like help, then please contact Woking Money Advice Centre:

Telephone 07745 240814 (text or phone)
E-mail advice@wmac.org.uk
Website www.wmac.org.uk
Address PO Box 1483
GU22 2QF