Coign Church Vision 

Some years ago, the elders felt God give them a clear vision for the Coign Church which we are still living out. This vision is:-

“We seek to be an Antioch church, a family of believers being equipped and released to Kingdom ministry and mission, a recognised local Christian community ‘meeting people’s real needs with God’s real power’, and a house of prayer for all nations.”

Being an Antioch Church means that we are a strong church base with a wider vision than just our own town. We have a large staff of leaders who travel to serve other churches. A number of our members are overseas on mission, and all of our members are committed to a vision which reaches into and beyond Woking. Every church member is a minister of Christ, and each of our meetings aims to equip church members to minister in their own sphere of influence. We are all on a mission which reaches beyond the four walls of the church, either locally or beyond!

Being a Recognised Local Community means that we understand that God’s Plan A for changing a nation is Spirit-filled local churches … and that He doesn’t have a Plan B! We understand that the Coign Church is not a building, it's a community of people. We are the Coign Church whether we are gathered together on a Sunday or scattered during the week. We want to be a community of people who are known in Woking as a centre for the purity and power of God – both in our meetings, and wherever we find ourselves during the week.

Meeting People’s Real Needs With God’s Real Power means that we are a church which exists to glorify God by looking outwards and working with Him in His mission to the world. We aim not to focus solely on our own needs, but to be His ambassadors to a lost and hurting world. We have no confidence in our own strength, but we believe that as God fills us with His Holy Spirit He will change the world through us, one person at a time.

Being a House of Prayer for All Nations means that we aim to be a people who not only believe in the power of prayer, but who actually devote ourselves steadfastly to prayer (Acts 2:42). We aim not to be parochial in our praying, but to bring big requests to God for situations around the world, knowing that no request is too great for our God.

If you are not a member of the Coign, then come and join us in this adventure – the best is yet to come!