1401 The Good Fight image-textThe Good Fight

Preaching series for Spring 2014 working through the book of '1 Timothy' - how best to fight 'The Good Fight'.

 Series Preaches 
The Good Fight 12 - For our Enjoyment (download)
Malcolm concludes our series 'The Good Fight' and reminds us to use our money and possessions in a Godly and wise way
Malcolm Kayes, 06/04/2014
The Good Fight 11 - Flight or Fight? (download)
Malcolm reminds us there will be times when you can fight or flight? But remember to fight the Good Fight of the faith!
Malcolm Kayes, 23/03/2014
The Good Fight 10 - Contentment (download)
Christopher serves up a three course meal of true contentment.
Christopher Hawes, 16/03/2014
The Good Fight 09 - Keep these Instructions (download)
Malcolm encourages respect for church leadership and proper remuneration for church staff.
Malcolm Kayes, 09/03/2014
The Good Fight 08 - Pastoral Guidance (download)
Adrian speaks about how the Church is God's family and that we should support and challenge one another.
Adrian Birks, 02/03/2014
The Good Fight 07 - Set an Example (download)
James encourages us to set an example in all aspects of our lives reminding us that "The Casual become Casualties"
James Mellor, 16/02/2014
The Good Fight 06 - Christianity is for everyone (download)
Adrian talks about how there is one God for everyone and one mediator. Christianity is for everyone, there are no exceptions!
Adrian Birks, 09/02/2014
The Good Fight 05 - God's good creation (download)
Malcolm continues our series through 1 Timothy. He talks about the good fight against false teaching and laziness.
Malcolm Kayes, 02/02/2014
The Good Fight 04 - God's Household (download)
Nathan continues our series through 1 Timothy looking at God's Household, focusing on Godly leadership and Godly conduct.
Nathan Silvester, 26/01/2014
The Good Fight 03 - Roles of Men and Women in the Church (download)
Adrian talks about the different roles of men and women in the church. He says men are to lead the way in Godly living and women are to follow that lead.
Adrian Birks, 19/01/2014
The Good Fight 02 - The Good Fight (download)
Malcolm reminds us that we do not live under the law but as Christians we now live under God's Grace.
Malcolm Kayes, 12/01/2014
The Good Fight 01 - Sound Doctrine (download)
Malcolm introduces 'The Good Fight' preaching series studying '1 Timothy' encouraging us to have Sound Doctrine foundations.
Malcolm Kayes, 05/01/2014
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