Money Sex and PowerMoney, Sex and Power

Preaching series for the Spring of 2013 looking at Money, Sex and Power - God's gifts.
Money, Sex and Power 10 - Power: Kingdom Authority (download)
Jesus, The Church and Me - Graham talks about how we should all submit to Kingdom Authority
Graham Allen, 14/04/2013
Money, Sex and Power 09 - Power: Tyranny (download)
Tyranny in the home, workplace or school - Adrian reminds us how Jesus stood up and when he submitted to tyranny
Adrian Birks, 24/03/2012
Money, Sex and Power 08 - Power: Serving is Greatness (download)
A brief talk from Malcolm on how to achieve greatness
Malcolm Kayes, 17/03/2013
Money, Sex and Power 07 - Sex: Working together (download)
Men and Women are different but complementary, Adrian reminds us. Use each of their strengths and work together!
Adrian Birks, 10/03/2013
Money, Sex and Power 06 - Sex: Just Sex? (download)
Sex is good and God given. It is never "Just Sex" and neither is it ever casual - there are always consequences says Malcolm.
Malcolm Kayes, 23/02/2013
Money, Sex and Power 05 - Love that Lasts (download)
We must 'Celebrate Marriage as the Love that Lasts' says Malcolm as we continue our series on Money, Sex and Power.
Malcolm Kayes, 17/02/2013
Money, Sex and Power 04 - Investing in eternity (download)
James reminds us that God does not need your money but he wants you to invest in Him.
James Mellor, 03/02/2013
Money, Sex and Power 03 - Who wants to be a millionaire? (download)
Adrian asks the question "Who wants to be a millionaire?"
Adrian Birks, 27/01/2013
Money, Sex and Power 02 - Money: Two Masters? (download)
Malcolm reminds us that no-one can serve two masters. You cannot serve both God and Money!
Malcolm Kayes, 20/01/2013
Money, Sex and Power 01 - Double Edged Swords (download)
Adrian introduces the Spring 2013 preaching series 'Money, Sex and Power' All given by God!
Adrian Birks, 13/01/2013
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