Friend-of-GodFriend of God

Preaching series for the Autumn of 2012 studying the Life of Abraham.

From Genesis chapters 12 to 25.

 Series Preaches 
Friend of God 14 - The Next Generation (download)
Nathan completes our Friend of God preaching series encouraging us all to help to Inspire the Next Generation
Nathan Silvester, 09/12/2012
Friend of God 13 - God's Chosen Partner (download)
Malcolm affirms the institution of marriage - God's Idea!
Malcolm Kayes, 09/12/2012
Friend of God 12 - On the Altar (download)
Abraham is tested at the altar and is prepared to make a great sacrifice. Are we prepared to make sacrifices asks Malcolm.
Malcolm Kayes, 25/11/2012
Friend of God 11 - Faith or Works? (download)
Graham talks about the Gospel of grace, by which they had been saved, and the addition to it of works, which would draw them back into legalism.
Graham Allen, 18/11/2012
Friend of God 10 - Role Reversals (download)
Adrian helps us to make good choices and trust God whatever the circumstances
Adrian Birks, 11/11/2012
Friend of God 09 - God's Righteous Judgement (download)
Malcolm reminds us that God's judgement is coming and it's perfect and complete. BUT there is mercy and escape!
Malcolm Kayes, 04/11/2012
Friend of God 08 - The Power of Prayer (download)
The Power of Prayer - James encourages us to be passionate in our prayer and make it a priority!
James Mellor, 28/10/2012
Friend of God 07 - Bearing Fruit (download)
Graham continues our Friend of God series reminding us that the Old has gone and the New has come in bearing new fruit!
Graham Allen, 21/10/2012
Friend of God 06 - Waiting Patiently (download)
Malcolm encourages us to wait patiently on God.
Malcolm Kayes, 14/10/2012
Friend of God 05 - Like Stars in the Sky (download)
Tim encourages us to reach out to other nations and areas to spread the Good News
Tim Brown, 07/10/2012
Friend of God 04 - The Mysterious Melchizedek (download)
Malcolm encourages us to have a generous heart, be courageous and also uncompromising
Malcolm Kayes, 30/09/2012
Friend of God 03 - A Promised Land (download)
Adrian considers the Promised Land, encouraging us all to have a BIG Vision!
Adrian Birks, 23/09/2012
Friend of God 02 - Father of the Faiths (download)
Graham introduces Abraham the Father of the Faiths of whom God said: "I will make your name great and you will be a blessing"
Graham Allen, 16/09/2012
Friend of God 01 - Chosen by God (download)
Malcolm starts our Autumn series, Friend of God - The life of Abraham, considering how Abram was Chosen by God.
Malcolm Kayes, 09/09/2012
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