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Nathan Silvesterreflections and Highlights of Newday 2017

Having got back almost 2 weeks ago from Newday, a week long event for our teenagers, I’ve had a little while to reflect on what I’m grateful for and what were highlights for me about the week. Briefly, here’s 12 of those reflections and highlights:
  1. Hands of young people lifted high, voices raised and dancing feet all for the praise of the name of Jesus. It’s a little taste of heaven as you look. One day we will join with a whole multitude of differing cultures, generations and stories
  2. 10s and 100s responding to follow Jesus, to commit their whole lives to Him, and those recommitting - humbling themselves to admit their mistakes and their need for Jesus. Every time tND17 3he hairs on my arms stand up as people respond. And the privilege of seeing someone you know decide for themselves to respond is one of the most joyful moments of life
  3. 100s healed. Jesus showing compassion and love and power in healing the big and the small needs. Just awesome to see and witnesses
  4. Having an amazing group of teenagers on the Coign site, seeing them love each other well, embracing the whole group and helping individuals feel a part of us
  5. Individuals caring for the needs of others. Seth running half the site to get me when Ruben fainted. People reminding me of birthdays wanting to make a big deal of others. Youth recognising the work and effort of others serving
  6. Faithful people who serve our youth and the event year after year. Cassie has served Newday 12-14s for so long and done amazingly. Audrey and Jacquie have served in our catering team every year since newday begun in 2004. We would not be able to run what we do without the faithfulness of these precious friends
  7. Jason and Andre filling the gap left by Kirk with commitment, faithfulness and talent. You guys were exceptional and a real example to us all in your humility and serving hearts
  8. ND17 1

    Watching some of our youth falling for each other over the week. It’s great to see them looking within the church for a potential future spouse. That’s the place to look! Godly, Jesus loving, church passionate people are what you need to be looking for in a future husband or wife
  9. Laughs and games. From watching Sib do a cartwheel and collapsing in her finish to hours of fun with the cornhole boards, the sign game, frisbee in the dark and the weeklong lasting jigsaw
  10. Introducing Newday to my wife for the first time. For Julianna to see and experience what has been a highlight of so many of the last 14 summers for me. A place where I’ve met with God powerfully myself and then seen 100s of lives impacted and changed by our Lord. I loved that she got to experience it first-hand
  11. A whole crew of Coign people willing to serve for a week, giving up time, holiday and money to serve 7000 teenagers from all across the UK and other nations. Worth every day off and pound spent! Thank you!!
  12. Finally, the privilege of seeing our young people grow, ask questions, delve deeper into God and be changed for the rest of their lives. Newday is not about hype, it’s about relationship with Jesus and inspiring us to run after Him with greater zeal and perseverance, relying on the power of the Holy Spirit. 
It was a great week, one of my favourite years at Newday. Now we get to see the fruit of the event, seeing our youth propelled in to the year ahead with love for Christ. I’m praying that love only increases, that we see our youth more bold in the gospel, more radical in obedience to Jesus and more in love with God than ever before.
ND17 2

Nathan Silvester, 19/08/2017